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Information on Internet Safety

The Internet can be a wonderful resource for kids. They can use it to research school reports, communicate with teachers and other kids, and play interactive games. Kids who are old enough to punch in a few letters on the keyboard can literally access the world.

But that access can also pose hazards. That's why it's important to be aware of what your kids see and hear on the Internet, who they meet, and what they share about themselves online.

Below you will find links to documents provided by Frankston ISD that can help parents understand what to look for and how to be proactive in guiding their child's internet activity.

Internet Safety for Parents 

This is a Power Point that explains many alarming statistics about the Internet use of student age children.  There is also some great information for parents about things to check on home computers being used by children.

Knowledge for Parents

Information for parents about how to respond to Internet risks.